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Where do I view the explanations in my package?
Before you launch a test, you can choose between ACTUAL TESTING CONDITIONS and PRACTICE MODE. In ACTUAL TESTING MODE, it will enable you to simulate the exam just as you would at the test center with a timer (cool tip: you can pause the timer by clicking on it). And once you complete the test, your answers and explanations are shown at the end of the test. You can then view your performance on the Saved Test Results where you can view the answers and explanations. In PRACTICE MODE, this is like a training bicycle. There is no countdown timer and you can check your answers after every question. We recommend taking the tests in ACTUAL TESTING CONDITIONS as that’s how it is administered on the actual test day.
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  • How can I access my NBDE account?
  • Will I be able to pause the test?
  • Where do I view the explanations in my package?
  • What is the correlation of my practice scores vs real test?
  • How are my exam scores tabulated?
Software Troubleshooting (2005-2018 orders)
  • End of Life Announcement for 2005-2018 Software Orders & Invalid License Key Errors
  • Can I upgrade to your new 2020 web-based platform from the 2005-2018 software?

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